2018 Fall

Letter from the Editor, Joseph Lease

We are writers and readers. We live inside multiple horrors: systemic racism, misogyny, homophobia, a toxic / apocalyptic version of capitalism.

We don't know how much time we have. At times, we are toxically present. At other times, we don't know whether we are here at all. This is why we need good writing.

We are writers and readers, and we create and need writing that matters. The work in the inaugural issue of 11.11 matters.

The poems here embody grace and inquiry and awakening. Laura Mullen and John Yau give us brilliantly corrosive—and necessary—critique. Tongo Eisen-Martin and Ron Silliman give us uncanny and gorgeous becoming (thought in process). Jennifer Firestone makes each shift in perception and thinking sing.

The essays and stories here invite us into brilliant worlds. To call Katherine Min's essays “brave” is to vastly understate their remarkable power: nothing I have read is like them. Dodie Bellamy gives us a gorgeously disturbing vision of the internet as ideology and panopticon. Sheila Heti enacts a playful, experimental awareness that allows us to reimagine knowledge and to know the limits of knowledge. Miranda Mellis gives us a brilliant embodiment of the subject / object problem in the age of climate breakdown.

The writing in 11.11 changes our consciousness. It enacts and embodies language's capacity to transform the way we imagine. We love and need the search for connection, presence, reality, possibility. 

Thank you for joining with us to create this new, transformative, and beloved community.